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Welcome to Zerksus Engineering           South African based 

2017 Zerksus is moving to a real office /factory.

So hopefully this webpage will now be regularly updated to reflect what we are offering. We are moving Edison Square, in Edison street, Hennopspark, Centurion in Gauteng. For those unaffected by the destructive influence of our corrupt leaders this would be in South Africa sitting near Johannesburg and Pretoria.

We are kicking of June with completing a project for a well known train system and hopefully continuing with the next phase.

The first piece of equipment to move in will be our monster 3 meter x 2 meter laser/plasma cutter machine. It has a 90W CO2 laser and is suitable for carton, acryllic/Perspex and wood. In the near future I will publish all the required specifications (materials, thicknesses, cutting speed and cost per minute). The machine also has a plasma cutter. Only 40A for now which limits the materials to around 5mm mild steel (although 3mm and lower is preferred) and 3mm stainless (<2mm preferred).  The machine is not really suited for engraving although it can do it. For that we are planning a smaller CO2 laser machine around 1.5meter x 1 meter. But if you have to engrave a large piece of material then the big machine should be able to do it.

We are also moving in a 3 axis milling machine. It accepts LinuxCNC Gcode but the operator will be able to help you convert your design to the proper format.

If you require any design work to be done then let us know.

Anycase, bookmark this page, especially if you live in the Gauteng area as we will update the available products as they come online.

For any questions drop me an email to victor@zerksus.com.
Please note that we charge and invoice per hour and that we sell products per set price. If we sell you a small, cost sensitive microcontroller board for R99 we cannot help with endless assistance on how to program it.. No: "please help me with my Arduino project for school" or "my gate motor stopped working and you are the only one that can help me ... and I cannot afford to buy a new one for R300". Time is money and we can help within reason but we have had clients that pushed the limits beyond abnormal levels. We generally deal directly with other engineering companies but we try and stay accessible to the public. But on occasion we do get clients that buys the cheap circuit, wants us to develop his product with the promise of  1000x unit order... per month.... and then it never happens. So after 20 years I am saying no to that.



Zerksus is a design and manufacturing business specializing in electronics. Zerksus was founded in1997 and is dedicated to long term relationships with clients.

We are able to assist with custom designs and manufacturing as well as the supply with standard products to make your life easier. We specialize in security systems, vehicle tracking, FPGAs, microcontrollers and power supplies. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to email us at info@zerksus.com .

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